Effective distribution management in the face of rising costs and demands for more customer service is one of today's more difficult challenges. Success in this area depends upon locating the right warehousing and shipping facility in the right place, and operating it effectively - which means quality performance at low cost.

IC Group identifies solutions to reduce your costs while improving your service effectiveness. We implement these solutions by changing - where appropriate - current methods of operation, facility arrangements, and information handling procedures.

With our extensive engineering, computer, and distribution backgrounds, IC Group brings the necessary strengths to address all of your warehousing/distribution planning and operations issues. IC Group offers services in the following areas:

Working with IC Group means getting results. Our clients are progressive companies in the apparel and needle industry. They are both large and small. Some are listed on the NYSE while others are privately owned by dynamic entrepreneurs. All of them, along with IC Group, share a dedication to quality, service, and efficiency.

Regardless of the dynamics of the company, we have successfully worked with our clients to produce tangible results with real bottom line savings.

Following is a sampling of what we have achieved through our results oriented Distribution projects.

The Distribution Center is the last link of the manufacturer to the customer. A well- engineered facility has the ability to make up lost time from manufacturing and prevent poor quality to reach your customers. Retailers are demanding more value-added services. Your DC must be able to deliver this service and be flexible to handle all of your Retailers needs.

IC Group can transform your distribution center into a World-Class facility.

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