Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a term that has been around for over 25 years, however it has only come into common use in recent times. It is not uncommon to hear the term used by a vast array of differing businesses all with quite different connotations of what they actually mean by it.Essentially SCM is about the management of connected activities involved in the relationship between manufacturers, their customers and their suppliers. It has grown to encompass material, capacity, inventory and service related issues that a Company has to deal with in order to make successful business.

Newcomers often become confused by the plethora of other terms which are used in conjunction with SCM, such as:

Your supply chain is the key to a competitive advantage. An effective supply chain can:

It is time to re-engineer your supply chain

Engineering your Supply Chain is at the heart of improving your company's performance. Reducing your time to market reduces your investment in inventories - raw material and finish goods. This brings you closer to the market, its trends and conditions. This reduces your risks and gives you a competitive advantage.

Does your business have the available day to day skills, time, resources and experience to know how best to go about making improvements in overall operational performance?

Do you know which techniques out there (Enterprise Resource Planning, Product Lifecycle Management, Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Theory Of Constraints, Demand Driven Manufacturing) are best suited for your business?

Would you like to discuss your needs with experienced people who are Supply Chain professionals without making any commitment until you feel comfortable that they genuinely have your business at heart?

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