International Compliance Group 

Performing social compliance audits worldwide for over 20 years

Corporate Social Responsibility extends outside the organization to its suppliers and stakeholders; inside, to the departments which together make the enterprise function.  All elements of the supply chain, itself and ever growing and complex element of every businesses, must comply with the company’s code of conduct, whether its own or a recognized program.  Manufacturers, Brands, Retailers and Stakeholders require social compliance monitoring services.  Customers are increasingly demanding, of their preferred brands on of their suppliers, manufacturing and workplace conditions which adhere to local and international laws while also respecting the rights of workers.  

ICG Auditors are located across the globe to quickly and efficiently support our customers’ ever expanding assessment needs for their supply chain.  ICG constantly reviews its service locations to expand our auditor base and respond and meet the needs of the most demanding customer.

Social and Environmental Compliance audits are a critical component of every company’s supply chain. ICG provides third party social compliance audits for multiple sectors worldwide, including but not limited to manufacturing, distribution, farming and food processing.

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